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The Worldwide Congress on Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology COMMENT'2009 is organised on 14th-17th June 2009 under the patronage of World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering.  Its main aim is to comment and discuss the new trends of the development of materials and manufacturing engineering and technologies during the next decades of the 21st century. It is a federation of the following Conferences which are organised for many years :

Scientific Conference on Computational Materials Science

Scientific Conference on Biomaterials and Bioengineering

17th International Scientific Conference
on Achievements of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

15th Jubilee International Scientific Conference
on Contemporary Achievements in
Mechanics, Manufacturing and Materials Science

Scientific Conference on Surface Engineering

Scientific Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

Scientific Conference on Polymers’ Technologies and Recyckling

So far it has hosted a great number of foreign and domestic guests from all over the world giving them the opportunity to establish personal contacts for the international scientific collaboration and also enables young scientists to meet the world renowned scientific authorities in person. Those conferences have also its regular participants who for several times already actively participated in the conferences presenting main, invited and submitted papers. That great interest of participants surely can be connected with the mood and friendly atmosphere which usually accompany those events, a high level and an interesting subject matter of presented papers and also attractive place to which the organisers invite its participants.

The COMMENT`2009 Congress has a character of 4-day adult training and serves to accomplish knowledge and raise professional qualifications for its delegates including the level of professional knowledge and abilities of making current engineering and research works mainly in the field of the newest technological achievements, methodology of scientific researches and engineering calculations, the newest trends in the field of education and distance learning and practical improvements of English language knowledge. The trainings includes the following main issues:

engineering materials,

materials properties and methodology of research,

analysis and modelling of materials structure and properties,

materials manufacturing and processing: cleaner production,

industrial management and organisation education, distance learning and research trends.

Each delegate is oblidged to work out on his/her own and present an issue in English in the form of multimedia presentation or poster and prove the ability to carry out discussion in English on his/her own on the chosen topic. The Congress fulfils the requirements of the Act of Goods and Services Tax dated 11 March 2004 settled down in the Attachment no 4 and of the Government Order dated 6 April 2004 concerning of Economic Activity (Law Gazette No 89, pos. 844) including services in the field of education symbolised by PKWiU 80.


The COMMENT'2009 Congress will take place in the conference rooms of the very modern Mercure Hevelius Hotel**** in Gdańsk, Poland, at the beautiful Polish seaside. Moreover, the Opening Ceremony of the COMMENT Congress will take place in the Great Hall of Artus Court in Gdańsk.


During the COMMENT'2009 Congress honorary awards of:

the Prof. Fryderyk Staub Golden Owl for 2009 for achievements in promoting the Polish science and higher education on the international arena and achievements in collaboration with the Polish scientific community of materials engineering

will be handed to eminent scientists nominated by the Chapter.

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